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Rising of a national cricket hero to the national hero and favourite politician, In a country of above 170 million people with little or no reason to cheer about , he gave a nation to smile. He made them proud.But most importantly he gave them hope. He is a man who defied a dictator and stood up for justice. He is “Kaptaan”. Kaptaan – the story of an incredible life, the story of a loving son, who set him self on a journey which has no returning point, journey of selflessness and self realization. A legend, the hope of Pakistan – Imran Khan.

Starring; Abdul Mannan, Saeeda Imtiaz, Naveed Akbar & Usman Aslam

Directed by :Faisal Aman Khan
Cinematographed by AvidDuo (Farrukh & Yashal)
Written By : Faisal Aman Khan
Screenplay by : Naveed Akbar
Produced by : Faisal Aman Khan
Production Manager: Farman Ali