Huge crowds gathered today in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after a court sentenced Hosni Mubarak, the embattled and ailing former ruler who led Egypt with an iron first for 30 years, to life in prison for his role in the killing of hundreds of protesters who were demanding he step down. Initial euphoria gave way to anger on the streets of Cairo as night fell today. Huge crowds chanted that the revolution is back and the military government needs to go. Mubarak, once a key U.S. ally and one of the longest standing Arab leaders in modern history, sat stone faced in court as Judge Ahmed Rifat read his verdict. It began with words that just two years ago, were unthinkable. “The people released a collective sigh of relief after a nightmare that did not, as is customary, last for a night, but for almost 30 black, black, black years — darkness that resembled a winter night,” he said. “The revolution by the people of Egypt was inspired by God. They did not seek a luxurious life or to sit atop the world, but asked their politicians, rulers and those in authority to give them a decent life and a bite to eat,” he said. “They peacefully demanded democracy from rulers who held a tight grip on power.”